On Friday night in Anaheim everyone came together for the Big Wave Awards, celebrating the best of the best in big wave surfing from all over the globe. Entries from Australia, Hawaii, California, Mexico and beyond had poured in all year long, and Friday night the winners were announced. In the Billabong Ride of the Year category our very own Shane Dorian had two entries- one from Puerto Escondido in July and another from Jaws in November. Shane ended up winning for the massive drop to barrel he got in Puerto and was also graced with the Surfline Overall Performance of the Year award. Not to be outdone, Benjamin Sanchis was awarded for his death-defying effort on arguably the largest wave ever attempted in Nazare, Portugal with Wipeout of the Year. The night was another amazing celebration, and a huge congrats goes out to Benjamin and Shane. Thanks to the World Surf League and to all of the hard chargers around the world for pushing the level of big wave surfing!