• Shaun Manners in Atlantic to the Horizon

South Africa, a country known for its endless coastlines, cold waters, rich history and unspoiled lineups. The nation’s Eastern Cape welcomes surfers and adventurers from all corners of the globe each year with open arms, all eager to get their own little taste of the scenery, wildlife and pumping waves that only the Cape Town province can provide.

Renowned and boasting of both great consistency and high quality, it’s certainly no secret that South Africa’s waves can get good… really good. The region has seen countless inclusions throughout surfing’s most golden of times, proudly hosting and showcasing the world’s best as they add individual flare to each and every wave… print, motion, contest, free travel or otherwise.

Shaun Manners and good friend Jack Lynch were in search of good times, epic waves and unforgettable memories. The rest? History. Two Aussie surfers gracefully gifted with completely different styles, each packed with well rounded, unique quivers, ready to tackle whatever J-Bay and its surroundings threw their way.