The Skinwalkers are heading to Sydney this Thursday March 25 to shoot images for their music video 'We are The Streets', a song written and inspired by youth homelessness. The aim of the film clip is to show how easy it is to dismiss youth homelessness in our country, and also raise awareness that this issue is not going away.

The band will be filming at Luna Park, the back streets of the big city, and a homeless shelter run by the Salvation Army ! come and support the guys this Friday night (26th March) at Luna Park and be part of the music video from 6pm

"Youth homelessness will only be overcome in Australia through the efforts of thousands of people getting informed about this issue and taking action. The Skinwalkers band and song -We are the Streets' - is a great example of how people are contributing in their own way to raise awareness and bring about change." - Captain Paul Moulds, Director Oasis Youth Support Network, Sydney.

-We Are The Streets' music video will be aired on Southern Cross Channel Ten Network through -Landed Music' along with an interview with Skinwalkers in May 2010.

FOR MORE, GO TO: www.myspace.com/skinwalkersband & www.32000togo.com