• Some Unconventional Wisdom From Dave Rastovich

Some Unconventional Wisdom From Dave Rastovich

Dave Rastovich shares his views on sustainability, lifechanging experiences and riding eco-friendly surfboards.

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Some experiences can reshape your life in an instant. Sitting in Taiji Cove while the dolphins and pilot whales were driven in, and watching the water turning red with blood while hearing their anguished clicks and whistles, was something I’ll never forget. That experience will motivate me for the rest of my life.

It’s actually uplifting to realize that our negative impact on the planet is caused by a system that we’ve created, and that system is only in place because we’ve agreed to live that way. That system can be changed, and it can be changed on a personal level with the decisions we make.

It’s easy to get sucked down a cynical rabbit hole, to feel overwhelmed and think, “Fuck it, I’m not going to do anything.” But nothing positive comes from that point of view.

The surf industry is starting to move in the right direction toward sustainability. It might be slow, but I’m having discussions with the heads of surf companies that I never could’ve had 10 years ago. There’s much more open mindedness out there to support eco-friendly campaigns.

Contest surfing has been a little responsible for stifling the growth of eco-boards because team riders don’t want to ride them, so a lot of shapers don’t want to make them. I’ve really enjoyed riding eco-friendly blanks. But when you put them under the feet of World Tour surfers, they just grumble.

Not every surfer keeps a closed mind about alternative materials. In the northern New South Wales area where I live, no one gives a shit what sort of board the contest guys are riding.

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