• Splendour in the Grass Day 3


Sunday delivered an amazing and unforgettable end to Splendour in the Grass 2012. There was such an insane lineup of acts for the day, including The Ruebens, Husky, Ball Park Music, Yuksek, San Cisco, Angus Stone, Wolfmother, Azealia Banks, The Kooks and Smashing Pumpkins. That's just a few!

Being officially unearthed by Triple J a year ago, Ball Park Music definitely delivered a memorable, energized, crowd-interactive performance! So glad I had the chance to check them guys out!

I have to give a huge commendation to The Kooks, because holey moley, they were absolutely unreal live! You've heard their music and boy they know how to rake a crowd in! They played some of their latest tunes and then smashed out 'Naive' to finish their set, the one song the crowd was anticipating! The whole tent was swaying in awe of the band, and I don't think anyone wanted them to stop singing! Apart from one guy who decided climbing one of the main poles in the tent was the cool thing to do, sure he would of had a pretty crazy view of the band, but The Kooks couldn't keep playing until he climbed down. And so the rubbish throwing began and he soon enough climbed down, ha-ha!

What a lineup for the weekend, the bands were honestly unreal. But I have to say as an overall, I've never been to a festival so chilled out and under control. I didn't come across any fights, the crowds were so friendly and easy-going. I think everyone would agree! And the whole weekend was beaming with sunshine, couldn't ask for anything more really!



HAPPY 2012 SPLENDOUR EVERYONE and I hope you all made some intoxicating memories!