• Spreading the Marley love


Isn't it amazing how some people can make you feel so damn good about life and its possibilities? Rohan Marley, son of iconic musician Bob Marley, is one of those rare breeds.

Rohan squeezed in a visit to Billabong's Burleigh Heads office last week while on a whirlwind Aussie tour to check up on the rollout of the House of Marley's new headphone offer and his family's ongoing product collaboration with Billabong.

He cruised the corridors, had a quick hit of table tennis and then stretched out on a lounge in the Billabong breakout space where he proceeded to entertain the lunchtime crowd of a few hundred employees with stories of the Marley family, their message of love and hope and their 1love.org charity movement.

Rohan then showed his love, smiling non-stop through a 90-minute signing and photo session with the assembled crowd.

If you, like us, are inspired by the Marley legacy then check out some of the unique product as part of the collaboration, you can check it out here

Interview with Andrew

20 questions from Andrew Flitton (GM Sales and marketing)

table tennis

21-4 winner of table tennis

with the laides

Smiles with the ladies

signed T-Shirt!

Signing a Bob Marley collection T-Shirt

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

Sign anything

Pretty much everything was signed!!

da boyz

Da boyz


Junior team rider Reef Heazlewood dropped in to pick up some new team stickers at the right time!

working hard

Still smiling :)

happy customers


more girls

More ladies, tough gig...

Rohan and Kotaro

Rohan and Kotaro

Sector 9

Signing the bob Marley Sector 9 models


Happiest man alive? Definitely stoked...