• Stab - Joel Parkinson: "Jumping Out Of My Skin" (And Ready For A 2017 World Title!)

Stab - Joel Parkinson: "Jumping Out Of My Skin" (And Ready For A 2017 World Title!)

The boys over at Australian surf publication Stab just did an interview with Billabong team rider and living legend Joel Parkinson where he recaps his 2016, losing (and finding) motivation for the tour and what his 2017 looks like. Joel is a classic interview anytime but the man is feeling reinvigorated and delivered us one of our favorite reads of the year so far. Read Joel's answer to a few questions below and head over to Stab to read the full interview.

Reviewing his 2016 on tour: "Well, I started off the year with a really good couple of events. I was always not going to go to Brazil – I had a funny… um… I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for Brazil. And missing it put me back a bit, I guess. I lost a little momentum. It’s really weird: Last year was the only year of my whole career, that I got every single result you can get, from second to last, except I didn’t get a first."

On his renewed excitement for 2017: "I should be slowing down. I’m beaten up! But I was starting to feel it towards the end of the year. I definitely have more determination."

On retiring: "I’ll keep going until I’m finished competing, then I get to do what they’re doing. Y’know, I’m two years younger than Taj. He threw it in when he was 37, I’ve still got two years until I’m at the same point as Taj and go, ok, I’m done. At the end of this year, that may be it. I really don’t know. But at this stage, I’m pretty pumped to go a full year. I won’t miss an event. I’m ready to go."

On winning another world title: "I know that I can be consistent in every event. I’m probably a lot stronger in some more than others – if it’s one foot Brazil, you probably won’t find me on the podium. But if it’s four foot and tubing, or a four foot sucky beachie, and I’m fit and healthy and feeling ready… I want to win. I can’t see why I couldn’t be in the position of getting to Pipe to see what happens."

Read Joel's full interview with Stab editor Elliot Struck here.