• Story Behind The Prints: The Warhol Sunset

Story Behind The Prints: The Warhol Sunset

The Story behind the Warhol Sunset Print


There's no denying Warhol is a legend...The mysterious artist with layers of darkness, insane color, the most high-profile friendships, the leader of a scene that warrant the likes of endless books and movies.

In this new discovery of decoding and creating Warhol Surf, we resurrected sketches of wind-blown palm trees, photos of beachscapes from San Diego to Montauk, surfers, wild flowers & sunsets… and a creative vision was manifesting itself! For this first collection, I was drawn to a series of sunset images he had taken with the most insane use of color overlays. There was one specific sunset that was a blend of corals and pink with an electric turquoise sun that stood out and we decided to layer it into the floral photo and create a yardage print that was unique to our brand .

The combo of the two was bold yet still feminine, a bit disruptive and pretty all at the same time.

We decorated a capsule of swim, neoprene, washed down tees & fleece and a few accessories with this print series…and we think Warhol himself would be super stoked on how it all came out!

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