• Story Behind The Prints: The Warhol Floral

Story Behind The Prints: The Warhol Floral

The Story behind the Warhol Floral Print


When the prospect of collaborating with the Andy Warhol Foundation was brought to the table, the Billabong Womens team were all a bit blown away. I mean after all, it’s Warhol - he is an artist, surfer, mover and shaker that inspired each of us.

Through the process of digging through his archives our crew discovered his fascination for surf culture. This was a major unlock, and not one ever celebrated in the Warhol framework. His love and appreciation for the beach and surf was the thread that stitched our story together and well…gave us permission so to speak to tell his story through a new lens.

For this first collection, Billabong Womens' Creative Concept Director was drawn to a black & white photo of wild flowers.

His art was brave and bold in the most simplistic way…

The way he loved and appreciated “boring things” …To take a simple object… Maybe something you'd walk past every day and not notice - a flower, a palm tree, a can of soup, a wave - and the way he would place it on a canvas, isolate it and layer in the boldest use of graphic color, evolving it into this elevated thing you could stare at for hours . He played with both not taking things so seriously… taking risks and playing with “boring things”, almost poking fun at commercialism…and then on the flip side, he found beauty in the most ordinary of things and brought simple objects to an almost iconic level.

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