• Study Break!

Hey it's Rach Campbell.

I'm right in the thick of my last year of school and the workload can get pretty intense. Its times like these that a good surf is all you need to rinse of school and get back to that free experience of being in the ocean.

The footage below is from an afternoon out Coalcliff, one of my local breaks (right near the new sea cliff bridge where all the car ads are shot). I was so keen to surf after what seemed like a day that lasted a billion years at school. So a 40min bus trip from school to home and then a 5 min drive from home to coaly and I reached my afternoon study break free of math formulas and English essays!it looked so much fun!!!!

In this case, I am lucky to say looks definitely weren't deceiving. It was super clean and there was barely a soul out, with amazing right-handers reeling off!everything you need for a really fun surf before dark. So enjoy the footage of a study break (Rach Campbell style).