The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing started up again yesterday with Sunset offering up classic conditions and a building swell through the day. We had 11 surfers enter the Round of 128 yesterday and 9 advanced, with each surfer putting on a great display of competitive surfing.

The standout heat of the day belongs to the youngest in the group, Seth Moniz who found 2 clean barrels and backed them up with big, manly turns to take a decisive heat win over a field much older than him. You could hear the entire Moniz family hooting with each barrel and turn all the way from the mainland.

"I've been surfing this wave since I was 10," Seth said. "And my dad knows a lot about these breaks so he shares with us. It's good to have him around; he just knows what boards to ride."

The event is off for today, but could be back on as soon as tomorrow. Follow along with us on Instagram and Twitter for live updates from the Billabong team.