• Sunshine Girl with Danielle Fisser

I landed in Hawaii with the intention of being fully present in my surroundings... back in paradise and it feels so good! Apart from the delicious foods the island has to offer, there is nothing like rolling around in the pebbly white sandy beaches of the North Shore. On that note, introducing Jake (@hawkoh) whom I previously worked with a few years ago, I knew we had to get together, it felt right.

We ventured the shores, from playing castaway in my element on the beach, to the cutest little food truck in Kahuku (Auntie's Little Green Hut), sipping homemade li hing mui kombucha and nibbling on freshly made waffles with pesto paste. Adopt the pace of island time, slow down, be present, eat mindfully, move around, do what you feel when your body senses it. What is right for you, is right for the world. You are made of SUNSHINE!!

xoxo, Dani (@daniellefisser)

“Sunshine girl”

I was sitting on my surfboard, floating on the surface where the water meets air

The in between world—am I floating on the surface or sinking into the abyss?

The glitter on the water sparkles like angels dancing on the ocean’s surface.

It was happening all around, the sun beaming light so powerful it made the water dance.

Those vibrations danced through my body as I hovered in between the elements.

A wave crashes and pulls out and repeats this process—a life-death-life cycle.

It’s never ending, it’s always moving and always changing.

There is not one vibration that is the same

Just like the moment I found myself present in being.

A moment I can come back to no matter where I am or what I’m doing

The infinite abundance of impermanence.

She dances with the waves

She moves to the rays

She is sunshine girl

- Danielle Fisser