• Sustainable Tees | Recover X Surfplus

We are always searching for ways to reduce our impact on the environmment. This season we've teamed up with Recover, a longtime leader in the sustainable fashion industry, on our Autumn line of Surfplus tees to do just that.

Recover garmnets consist of 55% upcycled cotton from textile clipping waste and discarded garments, as well as 45% from recycled bottles, all of wich is converted into yarn. The recover factories in Spain are powered by solar energy, staying true to their mission of changing the way clothing is manufactured while preserving the environment in the process. Our Surfplus Tees will made from Recover yarn, making each tee truly one of a kind. Recover has an unwavering focus on the environment, and we're proud to be partnering with them.

Surfplus X Recover Tees; saving hundreds of gallons of water per T-Shirt.

- Eliminates 99% of water

- No chemicals

- Near-Zero Emissions