• Taj Collection | Behind The Scenes...


We have shots of the entire collection for you to glance at and also a behind the scene's clip of the fashion shoot for the range. (clip put together by Riley check him) Like we mentioned earlier, the cut's look better, graphics look more, should I say, adult?, and there are more pieces in the middle of the scale that work for that guy who wants to be fashionable but not so much that he looks out of place everywhere except middle of the city..

Take a look at the entire collection and let us know your thoughts..

We have taken a distinct liking to the Munich, a nice looking lightweight jacket > the spray jacket look is coming back people, get on board. Also of note is Kyoto jeans, a nice pair of denim that has a crisp look to them. And the washout crew is something you should check out too. Crew's are good.

Taj Collection | Behind The Scenes... from EmpireAve on Vimeo.