Fresh off the plane. Full of jet lag. Boards freshly waxed and the boats pull up to 10 - 15 foot Teahupoo. Wake up time!

As soon as the boys jumped off the boats they were fired up and ready. Jack Robinson, Griffin Colapinto, Ian Gentil, Taylor Clark, Shaun Manners, Josh Burke and crew charged from the start. 2 broken boards, 2 broken leashes, Gentil got some decent cuts, Taylor had the worst wipeout. And after it was all over, they rode the boat to the waterfront house, ate some freshly caught fish and watched the whole day all over.

On the second day of the camp Teahupoo was a touch smaller and more manageable. No broken boards, but a few cuts and some nice wipeouts.

The swell is supposed to pick back up tomorrow and the boys are frothing. Stay tuned to #BillabongBloodlines on our Instagram for updates from Tahiti.

All Photos: Pat Stacy