• Thank-you for the fun, Ibiza.

Hello fellow friends,

My last overseas adventure, took me to IBIZA, shooting for Billabong Europe's Summer campaign!

If you have just stumbled upon me, My name is Bec Ronald, I'm an ambassador and lifestyle model for Billabong and ill give you a speedy down low on how I came to be a face for Billabong.

I started modeling with Billabong Australia at the tender age of 15, doing small showings, etc.

My dream and ambition was to one day shoot for Billabong Australia and eventually global, and in the last 2 years the progression has just begun to fulfill that vision.

So when I got the email saying that Billabong Europe wanted me for their next campaign, I literally jumped out of my skin with excitement.
Its still so overwhelming to believe that it all has happened and to look back and remember me as the 15 year old, who collected swing tags and tear outs from magazines of lifestyle surf models and stuck them all over the walls in my room and school books with surfboard wax (note: don't do this at home, your parents will kill you when they find out) and would always get lost in daydreams, picturing myself doing what the girls who I idolized in these pictures were doing.
It was a goal that seemed so out of reach, but after hard work and keeping that dream and vision alive, I feel I finally can tick off that one goal and dream.

So, now your up to speed, I can get into the may latest adventure!. IBIZA!


(Somewhere between Munich and Ibiza)

It was the longest journey I have ever had in a plane, it was a whirlwind trip.
I left a couple of weeks after getting back from Bali, Where I had contracted Salmonella with Typhoid strains, so I wasn't on my best bill of health, infact I think it was by far the sickest I had ever been, my whole body was so out of whack, that I only feel like I'm back to my healthy, normal, full of energy self now, and that's nearly two months after Bali! However, I didn't let that weigh me down on this trip or take anything away from the experience I was about to have, and boy oh boy, was it an experience!

After three connecting flights over two days, Brisbane > Dubai > Munich > Ibiza, I had finally arrived to the team (Catherine & Sammy, both Billabong USA models. Dove Shore, photographer. Diane, photographer, videographer and amazing singer! Nathalie, Lena, Christelle and the crew from Billabong Europe).


(View over Dubai)

munich & ibiza


We had two days off before shooting, and this was spent scouting for locations and seeing nearly every inch of Ibiza, which was insanely breathtaking, We also, as girls, shopped till we dropped, went to the infamous -Hippy Markets' and most importantly, ATE our hearts out! If only I could describe with words just how good the food was, mmm mmmm, out of this world! And well, I usually have an intolerance to wheat/gluten and dairy, but on this trip, that went straight out the window, and it was so worth it! Haha.

We then spent the next two days shooting.
The first day we stopped and had lunch at a place rated in the top 10 most beautiful destinations in the world, and it really was devine! We soaked up the scenery, had beautiful food, yet again! and headed back to the car to find it had been broken into, with and mine and Catherines belongings stolen!


(Sammi girl! at the location where our belongings where stolen!)

Yep, it wasn't the nicest feeling knowing someone had something so personal of ours, and a handbag for a woman, contains pretty much everything important! But Catherine and I got over it all quick smart, put each other in a good spirit and took it all in our stride and starting shooting again for the rest of the day.

The following day (aka the last day) was a long, long day of shooting, from the beautiful white sandy beach with bright blue water, to a freezing cold pool, to an incredible dusty red cliff, to a 500 year old house, to a trampoline of all things! Wow, we certainly got many great shots with completely different contrasts in each one.
So the wrap up could only lead us to one spot to celebrate, The very famous, KM5 restaurant and laid back lounge club. We spent hours chatting, eating and laughing, and it honestly felt like I had known the crew for years, when it had really only been 4 very quick days!

Not wanting to wake up! The next morning was day of departure and probably the most special and best experience in my life to date, in regards to learning about myself, the world and god on a whole new level.
Having only 60 Euros (as my wallet was stolen) to get home, with the same 3 stops, and having to wait 13 hours in Munich, 6 hours in Dubai, and catching a train back to Gold Coast from Brisbane when I arrived home, I wasn't going to get very far, and knowing money was going to be very tight for this journey and realising I may have to kick my body into survival mode as I didn't have enough for food, I again, instead of being negative, took it all in my stride and used it as an opportunity for an adventure, and gave many thanks and prayers to God for being blessed to have even gone there! And if I could give up my handbag, wallet and belongings to go to Ibiza, I'd do it in an heartbeat!

And let me tell you friends, the most character changing and influential lesson I had learnt, was that having a thankful, positive, happy heart and attitude really shifts something in you and opens yourself up freely to experience even more blessings than you could imagine.

For example, the blessings I had on the way home were, a lovely couple randomly giving me 10 euros, I was able to get into first and business class lounge on my 13 hr stop in Munich with free food, drinks, TV, shower, massage chair and much more! I also met another fellow Australian in there who then put me in contact with his business partner who ironically lived 10 minutes away from me in Coolangatta and was on the same connecting flights, and I was then, also able to get into first/business class lounge through him in Dubai with all the same wonderful FREE things and also, believe it or not, I was offered a ride home with this kind gentlemans chauffer, from Brisbane back to Gold Coast!
!!. WOW RIGHT! I don't know whether if it comes across how amazing this all was and out of the blue it all had happened! but I would have been very stuck without these things falling into place so perfectly.

It was SO, so crazy, incredible and awesome how many blessings happened from just having that positive and thankful frame of mind and attitude ? very cool!

So All in All, I learnt so many things about myself, traveling, other cultures and not to mention little tricks of the trade from my other two friends and beautiful, wonderful models in their own right, Sammi & Catherine.

And I just want to thank Billabong Australia for all your support, help and love throughout my journey with the brand, And also everyone from Billabong Europe who was involved in making the summer shoot such an incredible experience and being kind, helpful and fun hosts! You guys were the dream team and I miss you all lots!

AND OFCOURSE, Thank-you Fellow friends for taking the time to read this blog.
I hope something within this has inspired you to want to keep pursuing that dream and vision you have and to keep a happy, positive and thankful attitude towards everything! Watch the blessings unravel when you do ?

Much LOVE & happiness to you all!
Bec Ronald xx

- you can follow me on beceronald.tumblr.com. for more adventures



Location scouting...


My favourite flowers grew everywhere over there!


Where we stayed


The infamous Hippy markets!


In hair and make-up

shoot location

The 500 year old home where we shot!


Catherine and I


Outside Ibiza city! Amazing!


Told you the food was incredible... and who knew you could eat flowers! yummo!


Favourite flowers again!


Nat and I!

Lena and I (last night)

groupThe dream team minus cat and sammi