• The 2017 Billabong Pipe Masters Preview

Mecca. The Banzai. The Proving Grounds…Call it what you will, Pipeline is the most significant, most photogenic, most legendary and dangerous wave on planet Earth. It’s also the only wave that can make, break, jumpstart or tear apart a pro surfer’s career because points-wise, you could be the best surfer in the world, but if you don’t excel out at Pipeline…you’re just simply not the full package.

Unpredictable, deadly and detonating right off the shoreline, it’s no question why every year at the Pipe Masters, the wave decides champions of the world and legends of our sport. Thus, no wave on earth continually tells more stories, dictates more drama, and perpetuates more lore. The battles between the likes of Kelly Slater and Andy Irons are just as vivid in our collective surf memory today as they were 15 years ago.