• The Bare Bones… construction has begun

The clock is ticking down and the Australian Open of Surfing site is going up!

This photo, taken from the towering top level of the grandstand with four days until completion, looks north across the Beach Bowl, the bones of the VIP area, the competitor's area and to the North Steyne Surf Club.
Behind and to the south is where the Channel [V] music stage will be located.

Look closely - in front of the Surf Club you will see a storm water pipe jutting into the sea.
That pipe divides the areas of the beach known as North Steyne and Queenscliff. Both are home to boardriders clubs and they have an intense, long-standing rivalry.

Some surfer, 'mainly the older guys', according to local pro, Richie Lovett, don't want to surf north or south of the pipe, such is their loyalty.
But they will travel halfway round the world to surf other waves.

The pipe also helps create sandbanks and shape waves.

> Find out more about Australian Open of Surfing at http://australianopenofsurfing.com/