We're just about to hit Spring and if you're looking for a pair (or two, but probably three) of boardshorts, you're falling behind. Lucky for you that we happen to be experts in the world of boardies and are here to get you up to speed so you can hit the beach in the perfect pair. Looking for a pair of performance boardshorts that will keep you in the water for marathon sessions on warm summer days? We've got a ton of 'em for you. Looking for something more casual with pockets to hold all of your stuff? Got those too. Let's get started and show you a few of our best options.

1. Tribong X

You'll be able to catch Jack Freestone in the classically designed Tribong X boardshorts this summer as he competes in Fiji and Tahiti. The always strong combination of black upper and lower panels separated by a white panel makes these a classy pair of boardshorts that have enough tech to keep you comfortable no matter how much time you spend in the water.

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The Details:

- 19 inch outseam that will hit just above the knee

- Micro Repel Coating technology keeps these boardies lighter and dryer as they get wet

- 4 way stretch functionality keeps you moving easily in any direction

2. Fluid X

Parko has been taking these on tour with him for years and has made the Fluid X one of the most iconic designs in our brand's history. These have a 21 inch outseam making them our longest Platinum X boardshorts so if you like a little bit of length with your boardshorts, these are the pair for you.

The Details:

- 21 inch outseam that will hit just below your knee making these our longest Platinum X boardshorts

- Ergonomic paneling adds design elements while maintaining performance capabilities

- Made from Recycler 4 Way Stretch fabric making these good for you and good for the environment

3. Fifty50 LT

Otis Carey's Fifty 50 Lo Tides boardshort are incredibly functional with front hand pockets for your keys, wallet, cash or whatever else you are carrying around and stretch materials that make it easy for you to run out for a quick shred. Plus, they pack some serious style with two colorblocked panels separated by stripes and a scallop hem.

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The Details:

- Lasso waistband allows you to tighten or loosen the boardies as necessary making for the ideal fit every time.

- Front hand pockets on the seams make these ultra-functional

- 19 inch outseam for a modern fit that will hit you above the knee

4. Sundays X

The Sundays boardshorts are built on three principles - being modern, loud and fun. These boardies are an insane mix of style and function with their Platinum X performance details paired with classic black and white stripes. Catch Australian Creed McTaggart in these all summer as he bounces back and forth between the US and Oz.

The Details:

- Part of the Platinum X line making these geared for performance. PX3 stretch fabric is super stretchy and quick drying

- Micro Repel Coating technology on the exterior of the boardshorts keeps them lighter in the water so you won't get bogged down or held back

- 19 inch outseam that will hit just above the knee

5. Zuma LT

These SurfPlus Collection boardies are designed with the classic cool of Malibu's Zuma Beach in mind and an eye on functionality. This pair is designed to be packable into the boardshorts' back pocket meaning they won't take up any room in your car, bag when you're jumping on a flight or anywhere you may need a rad pair of boardshorts.

The Details:

- 17 inch outseam for an above the knee fit

- Classic nylon fabric with Micro Repel Coating

- Boardshorts are packable into their own back pocket for portability

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