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Billabong use the Billabong Pro to give coverage to up and coming bands. It's a two way street coz we get sick music for nothing and they get to play their tunes for the millions that tune in. Today we are featuring The Inkrements

The iNKREMENTS formed in late 2005, rehearsing amongst crumbling plaster and drum stick splinters in an upstairs room in Windsor. What do the iNKREMENTS sound like?... Well we'll let you decide for yourself.

We have been described as sounding like a combination of 60s garage, Swedish Punk, Detroit Rock, indie dance beatology, New York swagger and Pub rock stagger. We made music to have a good time to, with quirky lyrics and chopped rythym. Triple j have recently been airing our song "Monsters" on the airwaves, and recently on Channel 9's Underbelly episodes 9 & 10. unfortunately success came too late for us,after 30 shows and 2 demos... we broke up after the recording of our debut EP. If anyones been to an iNKREMENTS show you'll know, we gave you foot tapping, hip swaying, howling good times delivered with energy and enthusiasm...and we will continue to do so... In the form of Ben's new band 'High Fangs' and Dan and Adrians new as yet untitled Band Keep an eye and ear out on our myspace in the future. thanks to everyone for their support hope to see you at one of our shows soon. the iNKREMENTS 2005-2007 Website - http://www.myspace.com/theinkrements

The Inkements