• The North Shore Journal- Finals Day

On finals day, the surf may have been smaller, but the stakes were higher than they have ever been before. At the start there were three men who could win the world title- Mick Fanning, Adriano de Souza and Gabriel Medina. But there were spoilers in the mix with the likes of Kelly Slater and Mason Ho.

As heats wore on, tensions began to rise. Semifinal heat number 1 was Mick Fanning vs Gabriel Medina. All Mick had to do was win his heat, and he'd clinch the World Title. Gabriel still had a shot with dying moments in the heat, and ended up throwing a massive air for the score he needed. Mick would have to wait to see if Adriano would advance to the final, thus winning the World Title for himself.

Adriano and Mason were head to head in their semifinal, and both seemed to have an edge at one point in the heat. In the end, it was Adriano who squeaked out the win and earned himself his first World Title. The whole entire beach roared, Adriano was chaired up by his friends, surrounded by a mob of fans, as De Souza had finally achieved his lifelong goal.

In the final, Gabriel and Adriano both surfed well, but Adriano kept his dream day going as he one his first ever Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons. Gabriel Medina won the Triple Crown and plenty of parties will be going on tonight to celebrate another insane event here at Pipeline! We'll see you next year!