• The North Shore Journal- Giving Thanks

The North Shore Journal- Giving Thanks

Every winter the team houses on the North Shore fill to capacity with pro surfers from all over the globe. While all of these houses have their own unique personalities and qualities, however none are quite as family-oriented as the Billabong Off the Wall house.

This year, Tammy and Tony Moniz have brought the house together again with daily meals, and good vibes that culminated in a Thanksgiving feast of epic proportions. Before eating, everyone joined hands and gave thanks. It was an evening that showcased what a family Billabong truly is.

As far as the weather and surf, well, there has been a lot of both. Some days there's torrential downpour and blustery winds followed by momentary clean windows. The team has been surfing like crazy. Everyone from Rasta and Parko to Finn McGill and the Moniz's have been ripping the sometimes sizable but fairly lackluster waves out front. Ryan Callinan, Frederico Morais and Jack Freestone have been getting up early to practice at Sunset Beach daily for the contest which should begin tomorrow.

Today is cleaner than its been and with more swell set to filter in tomorrow and a promising forecast, it should be an interesting next few days.