• The Pro's Fantasy Picks for the 2017 Billabong Pro Tahiti

The Pro's Fantasy Picks for the 2017 Billabong Pro Tahiti

Teahupo'o is a notoriously tricky wave. It's a heaving slab with a steep drop that challenges every surfer bold enough to paddle into a wave and one that mortal surfers can't comprehend the intricacies of. Rather than float our best guesses about who is going to perform at this year's Billabong Pro Tahiti, we thought we'd ask some of the guys who know it best. Billabong athletes including Joel Parkinson, Shane Dorian and Ryan Callinan, all Tahiti experts in their own right, shared their line-ups for the event this year. Take note and follow their lead to glory in your Fantasy Surfer competition.

Shane Dorian's Picks

1. Gabriel Medina

2. Owen Wright

3. John John Florence

4. Jeremy Flores

5. Joel Parkinson

6. Mick Fanning

7. Ace Buchan

8. Italo Ferreira

Joel Parkinson's Picks

1. Owen Wright - "Because he's one of the best goofies I've seen out there. And he'll go on anything."

2. Julian Wilson - "He has an amazing backside barrel technique. The wave suits him and he doesn't hold back."

3. Gabriel Medina - "Gabriel is my favorite surfer (seriously)."

4. Jeremy Flores - "He's proven he's too good in the tube to be overlooked."

5. Mick Fanning - "Knows the wave too well and he's smart in heats."

6. John John Florence - "Obvious reasons."

7. Whoever wins the trials - "They've always had a good success rate."

8. Me - "I still think I should've won when Mick beat me in the final!"

Ryan Callinan's Picks

1. John John Florence - "He's the best in the world."

2. Gabriel Medina - "He's shown time and time again how good he is out there."

3. Kelly Slater (*answers collected pre-injury) - "He's one of the best of all time out there."

4. Ace Buchan - "So calculated and great in frontside tubes."

5. Owen Wright - "Doesn't pull back and loves a big left tube."

6. Jeremy Flores - "He charges and is an amazing barrel rider."

7. Kolohe Andino - "Did a sick Visa out there once."

8. Trials Winner - "Always dangerous."

There you go, a fantasy team chosen by the guys who know Teahupo'o best. Follow suit and drape yourself in fantasy surfing glory.

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