• The Technology Behind the World's Most Advanced Wetsuit

Designed specifically for warmth and comfort. Utilising the most advanced materials and construction techniques, coupled with an exclusive new entry system, it's the most comfortable, warmest, most technical wetsuit you'll ever have the pleasure of wearing.


DryMax Furnace Lining

Contour Collar: Pre Shaped collar to provide comfort and a tighter seal

Xero Dry Entry System: The Xero Dry entry system features an internal membrane, which creates a watertight barrier, without making the suit harder to get into.

AX1 Airlite Superflex: Premium lightweight foam core, providing the optimum blend of thermal retention, flexibility and durability.

Drymax Furnace Lining: Internal thermal lining, comprising of five unique functioning layers to create a material that not only keeps you warm, but drier. This material is also light weight, soaks less water and is more flexible than anything else before it.

Xero Skin: Wind resistant textured skin strategically placed over the chest, back and kidney's for additional warmth.

Liquid Dipped Wrist Seals: Creating a more comfortable, water tight seal

Airlite superflex tape: New Airlite Superflex 0.5mm Split neo tape, a smoother finish on plush internal linings.

Strategic Seam Placement: Placing the seams in the optimum position to maximize flexibility and comfort.

Xero Stitchless Seam: A 6mm Wide, Stitchless Welded seam, that's water tight, flexible and durable. Removing thread means more stretch and eliminating the risk of needle holes, creating a more water tight suit.

Pre-Formed Panels: Pre shaped panels aiding in comfort and manoeuvrability.

Fused CUFF Edges: Providing the perfect beveled edge to help reduce any water entry.


Temperature Guide:

4mm - 6 ºC-11 ºC

3mm - 11 ºC-18 ºC

Wetsuit Helpful Hints:

  • Putting on your suit with ease- Place a plastic bag over your foot before sliding into suit to reduce friction
  • Rinse your suit- After each surf, rinse your suit in cool fresh water. This will wash a large portion of sand, and bacteria out that may have accumulated during your surf.
  • Drying- Hang your suit on a large plastic hanger in a cool, dry place, out of any direct sunlight.


  • Place your suit in the washing machine or dryer
  • use harmful chemicals to wash your suit
  • Iron your suit
  • Hang to dry in direct sunlight

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