• ​The #WarholSurf Collection Launch Party – Kirra, Australia

​The #WarholSurf Collection Launch Party – Kirra, Australia

On Friday the 10 th March we blocked off Kirra surf carpark and had a party to celebrate our collaboration with one of the world’s most iconic artists, Andy Warhol. #WarholSurf was years in the making and so therefore something to celebrate and that we did.

With over 200 guests, surf industry A-listers, friends and other taste makers the carpark was a plethora of fluro lights and food trucks with a certain euphoric buzz in the air. Surf footage was projected onto old shipping containers, live music made for a mini mosh pit thanks to The Skeggs and the Israeli Chicks while DJ Brad Heald lit up the decks inbetween sets.

Burgers from ZePickle’s famous food truck ‘Ze Quickle’ provided the sustenance needed after the copious amounts of Corona consumed. For those that liked their drinks sweet and strong Bati Rum made epic mixes with your choice of ginger beer or coconut water.

Duncan McFarlane was behind the lens, quick to capture the chaos when things started to get wild, with Jamie Brooks following his footsteps on film. The atmosphere was all time and made it a night that no-one wanted to see end.

If not known before, all party-goers definitely left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Warhol and his timeless contributions to pop culture and affinity with the surf lifestyle.

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