• To Surf with Love...Alessa Quizon

To Surf with Love...Alessa Quizon

The feeling of falling in love is unlike any other.

This is the story of one surfer’s love affair with the ocean. A truly deep connection, often unexplainable, yet deeply intertwined throughout her life.

It’s in the places it has taken her, the feelings she’s felt, the faces she’s met, the joy of finding an empty wave, and the harmony found in nature. It’s how surfing has changed her forever, and for the better.

This is Alessa’s love note…’To Surf, With Love…’

"I’m not sure why I fell in love with you

But I did

You make my smile wide

My body strong

My Mind clear


I’m obsessed

Addicted to your high

You are my first love

Forever in my heart" - Alessa Quizon