• Transparentsea Day 12 - We did it ... A 110 km day. Woolgoolga to South West Rocks.

We were met with perfect northerly winds from the beginning of the day, right up until the end. Upwards of 30knots. There was a high wind advisory and once it got really strong, we were the only crafts at sea any other other boats we saw out there went straight back into harbour.
If we'd met winds like that when we started, it would have been pretty tough going. But everyone was feeling confident. There was some sketchy moments, but we were prepared enough to deal with it.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the day was the whale activity.

We had whales going underneath the boats, juveniles breaching all around us all day, tail slaps and we finished riding swells into Horseshoe Bay (near South West Rocks) with the humpbacks riding beneath us.

Hilton got some amazing photos, and we have some video footage of the encounters.
We'll post some when we get a chance, but for now we're straight back out there and aiming to reach Hat Head which we estimate is 25 kilometres south. So about three-to-four hours at sea.

Hopefully we'll score some surf ... Stay tuned,

Chris Del Moro