• Transparentsea Voyage - El Cap to Hammonds

"To me this shot has that classic Californian glow about it, and we don't have kelp beds like these in Australia so it's cool to shoot something different and see things with fresh eyes. This is Santa Barbara, sunset from the kayak." Hilton Dawe

day 1

Upper left: Chad Konog is an awesome surfer and an amazing paddler. He once paddled the same path the TransparentSea voyage is following from Santa Barbara to Sand Diego. He's decided to join us for a few days and we're betting he'll still be there at the end.

Santa Barbara

Lauren and Aubrey, making a guest appearance on the high seas.


Morat and Chadd Meditation


Apparently a couple of blue whales were sighted off the Gaviota Coast last week, but after three days heading south, the dolphins have been the stars of the show.

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