• Travel Diaries: Flick’s tips for the best of the West

Travel Diaries: Flick’s tips for the best of the West

What does a typical day look like when you are home?

Being a coffee addict/ professional surfer the first thing that I do is grab a coffee and go and check the waves. My family live in Margaret River so the best and first place I check to see what the ocean is doing is Margaret River Main Break. Once I see that I can get a pretty good gauge on where will be the best to surf and off I go. After that it’ll be about midday and I’ll usually cook a big brunch at home with the family. I don’t get to go home much so when I’m there I like to maximise family time. Margaret River is a country town so the afternoons are pretty cruisey, we’ll usually go to a secret beach via 4WD or have a BBQ with friends.

Flick’s daily attire when she’s home?

Margaret River in the summer is hot so bikinis or surf capsule to surf and denim shorts and bikini top to wear and a hat! In the winter you have to layer up because it gets cold!

Favourite breaks to surf in Margaret River?

I love Margaret River Main Break, I’ve had a lot of success out there in contests as well. I grew up surfing that wave so I have a lot of good memories out there.

Best time of the year to surf?


Favourite places to eat and drink in Margaret River?

Margaret River is known for it’s amazing produce and wineries. My favourite wineries/restaurants are Leeuwin Estate, Aravina Estate and the bottom bakery in Margaret is amazing!

Any cool places to escape to along that coast line?

Ha ha there’s heaps, but a lot of them are secrets or you need a 4WD. If you get a chance though definitely check out Yallingup, which means ‘place of love’. It’s sheltered on a SW wind and is a beautiful lagoon. Margaret River Mouth is also awesome. My cousin Josh Palmateer own’s a surf school (Josh Palmateer’s Surf Academy) there which you can book into and his partner Sarah looks after the canoe and kayak hire. You can rent a canoe and paddle up the river - it’s beautiful.

Flick’s must sees in Margies?

Giants Cave

Learn to Surf

Visit a winery

Any advice for travellers to Margaret River?

Enjoy the Margaret River region for what it is. Incredibly scenery, famous wineries, stunning beaches and unlike anywhere else in the world.