• Tyler Warren – Sea Legs

Introducing ‘Sea Legs’ featuring Tyler Warren and Torren Martin and their journey to the majestic Fijian atolls.

Landing, through customs and straight to the accommodating residence, it was seconds before the boat was loaded and the duo were into an inviting, yet rapidly building 4-6 foot swell. By lunchtime on day one, those unfortunate enough to be on the inside met with Cloudbreak’s wide west freight trains, which in turn sent them what seemed to be hundreds of meters down the line up.

With a growing swell and the ever popular Tavarua Resort closed for renovations, it wasn’t long before the playful crowds dispersed, leaving a select few out to challenge the conditions the South Pacific so gracefully provided – game faces on. Ski assistance? Not the case for Torren and Tyler, both opting for oversized twin fins, crafts the pair are all too familiar with… and that’s just the beginning.

A seven-day strike mission filled with countless barrels solidified deep into both surfer’s memories for a lifetime, truly the dream outcome.

“This was my first time to Fiji and one of the top two beautiful places I’ve ever been. Super warm water, some intimidating waves and super beautiful waves, though crazy. Something out of your class drawings.”

“I think on the biggest day in the evening there were like 3 or four of us out and the tide was super low, so they’d just come in and double up and grow and turn into these psycho cylinders. Yeah it was kind of that thing where if you’re committing you’re in the zone and can’t really get out of it.”Tyler Warren.