• Vice: Otis Hope Carey is a Positive Force to Be Reckoned With

Our newest team rider, Otis Hope Carey, was the subject of a recent interview with Vice Magazine. In the lengthy interview, Otis touches on his background and life as a member of the indigenous Gambayvnggirr people, his quick rise to stardom as an artist and what is currently motivating and inspiring him. Otis is a fascinating person with a wealth of life experience to draw on and we're very lucky to have an athlete with as much perspective as Otis on the team. Read below for a few highlights from the interview -

On his artistic style and approach:

"Oh jeez, I'm not sure. I try not to take things so serious and I like to approach things with an open mind, but I'd like to think my style is somewhat contemporary."

On how his surfing shapes his painting and how his painting influences his surfing:

"I like to keep them both completely separate from each other. They both have elements of each other at times, but I never intentionally mean that to happen."

On what motivates him:

"My main motivation is to share my culture with as many people as I can, in the most gentle and loving way possible. Sure, you can force things upon people, but if you approach it gently people are more enclosed to listen with an open mind."

Read Otis' full interview with Ariel Katz of Vice Magazine here. To learn more about Otis, follow him on Instagram at @otishopecarey.