• Warhol x Basquiat – When Chaos Meets Structure

Odd pairings often explode into amazing results - think peanut butter and jelly, hot showers with cold beer, or Chewbacca flying with Han Solo. Another one of these colliding supernovas was the art of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Theirs was a partnership of youth meets experience, chaos meets structure, and black meets white. The outcome was a burst of color and expression that turned into some of the world’s most valuable art pieces.

To create the pieces, Warhol would work on them by hand during the day in the Art Factory, and Basquiat would creep in after dark (long after his friend had left) to paint all over them. Imagine a young, talented graffiti artist scrawling over Picasso's masterpieces by the shroud of night and you have an idea of what this meant to many. Warhol would then repaint over the top again and the cycle would continue. He commented on the resulting art: “I think those paintings we’re doing together are better when you can’t tell who did which parts.” And, it is really hard to tell.

6.99 & The Factory are two of the works that really captured the imaginations of our design team. Here they are displayed on the 'Factory X' & '699 LT' boardshorts:

6.99 and The Factory are a blend of gritty youth culture, commentary on an unpredictable world and a celebration of exchange between friends. Through March, April and May we’ll be dropping men’s and women’s styles that hopefully capture the energy that Warhol x Basquiat brought to life. See the latest of these here.

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