• WarholSurf: Palm Trees

WarholSurf: Palm Trees


It is with great pride that we present our second collection with one of the world's greatest artists, Andy Warhol.

"Warhol's rebellious spirit and attraction to the non-conformists led him to Southern California in 1968 where he spent two weeks filming surfers as part of his underground film, San Diego Surf. The Foundation is proud to collaborate with Billabong to celebrate individuals who refuse to be defined by convention." - The Andy Warhol Foundation

For this collection we continued to dig through Warhol’s archives, in search of more untold stories that would become the canvas for another well-awaited drop. We came upon a photo series of black and white palm trees he had taken and had an immediate connection to them.

There's something about the way he captured simple things…Even the palm trees he photographed were expressive, sort-of intimate and a little chaotic in their own way.

We crafted a remix of 80s washed pastels with the palm trees captured through Warhol’s eyes.

To celebrate the man himself and his own sense of style, we took the classic black & white stripe that he notoriously wore and reimagined it through modern day silhouettes.

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