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WarholSurf: Photography

It is with great pride that we present our 2nd collection with one of the world's greatest artists, Andy Warhol. In honor of this second collection, the Andy Warhol Foundation has provided us with the stories behind some of Warhol's most iconic pieces that have been translated into this collection. This installment features his love and natural talent for photography. Here is the full story of Warhol's start and subsequent rise in the world of photography -

"Andy Warhol’s interest in photography was important throughout his career. Although better known for his paintings, prints, sculptures, and film, it is photography that is the primary mode of image making in most of Warhol’s works. Warhol began to use photography first as a reference and later as his art. As a commercial artist in the 1950s Warhol began using photographs as sources for his drawings. Beginning in 1962 Warhol's practice incorporated photo mechanical screen printing to manipulate images from American popular culture including newspaper headlines, Life magazine features, and movie star glossies. Warhol also used photo booth machines and Polaroid cameras for commissioned portraits. Warhol also frequently photographed celebrities and friends in the art, entertainment, and fashion worlds. Many of these were later published in his books Andy Warhol's Exposures (1979) and Andy Warhol's Party Book (1988). From 1976 until his death in 1987 Warhol shots several roles of film a week. Warhol said: “A picture means I know where I was every minute. That’s why I take pictures. It’s a visual diary.”

Andy Warhol made a brief guest appearance on The Love Boat in 1985. One subplot of that episode was that Warhol would select a lucky passenger to sit for one of his famous portraits. The artist was shown photographing bathing beauties with his Polaroid camera. In the opening titles for his 1979–80 Manhattan Cable Television series, Andy Warhol said the title of the program, “Fashion.” Camera in hand, he then seemingly proceeded to take a Polaroid of us television viewers. In October of 1985, Warhol was even featured on the cover of American Photographer, where he was depicted flashing one of his small automatic cameras, an Olympus/Zuiko AF. This issue contained a six-page interview with Warhol about his photographic pursuits.

'I told them I didn’t believe in art, that I believed in photography.'”

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