• We think it's that time of year when we all deserve to pack our bags and go on a surf trip!!

With the much anticipated Xmas holidays on the horizon, there is only one thing to do. Pack your bags, grab your surfboard and hit the road. Before you go there are a few things you need to think about, check out our tips below we've research for you.

1. Who should you take?

The crew you intend to go with is one of the most important things to consider. Granted, there are some friends that are perfect for a post-surf beer and yarn, but you'd rather crawl across glass than spend a full week with them (most of the time cramped in small spaces like a car or tent). When your planning your trip, make sure you surround yourself with friends that aren't likely to complain, have allergies, or random acts of violence. One toxic dude on the trip can call the vibe before you even hit interstate. Pick your crew wisely. Check out surfermag full article about this.

2. Where should you go?

If you are travelling within Australia or your country, make sure you check the forecast to decide where you should go. Try Coastalwatch or Surfline to get the reports on swell, tides and winds. If you planning to go further and head overseas then make sure to check predicted swells. Swellnet gives you detailed surf reports and forecasts from around the world.

3. What should you pack?

Master the art of bringing only the essentials. There is something very calming about travelling light and the compact, swift experience it allows. If you are travelling in a car then your boards shouldn't be a problem, however when a flight is involved be sure to pick a couple of necessary boards that are suitable for different conditions. Whittling out a boardbag or keeping it to two boards is a sure way to lighten the load and the price.

Having too much stuff can be a hassel, so here is Surfline's version of travelling light when going to a warm climate.

1. Bring one set of warm clothes for the plane, which includes a pair of pants, a hood and a pair of closed shoes.

2. Three pairs of trunks, one for surfing, one for cruising and one for night time.

3. Five T-Shirts, three short-sleeves (including the one from the plane) 1 tank and 1 long-sleeve for mosquitoes.

4. A raincoat, two pair of boxers, sunnies, extra pair of socks and a hat.

5. Toothpaste, toothbrush, small shampoo and sunscreen.

ah.. and an iphone or a camera.

Check out Surfline's full article about traveling light.

4. Before you go, there is one more thing.

If the unexpected happens; broken boards, luggage stolen, sickness strikes, or a natural disaster hits then you can always count on The Surf Trip Survival Guide. The book coversBroken boards, localism, malaria, theft, natural disaster, shark attacks, and more. Check it out here