• Welcome to Bondi - At Home with Elle Ferguson

Welcome to Bondi - At Home with Elle Ferguson

A perfect day in the life of quintessential beach babe and girl boss Elle Ferguson starts with a morning walk from Bondi to Bronte along the jaw dropping coastline. Starting at the famous Bondi Icebergs this usually takes around 1 hour each way but generally longer because around every corner is picture perfect scenery more than deserving of a few snaps.

Next up for Elle is her daily dip in the ocean and is her favourite way to start the day. The best spot is North Bondi where she walks around the rocks to find secret little swimming spots for that salty submersion that washes away all the woes and worries.

Breakfast usually consists of a smoothie from Cali Press - a cute little cafe with a whole lot of satisfying superfoods on the menu. Elle’s favourite; the Le Chocolat, a blended concoction of water, dates, almonds, manuka honey, vanilla bean, banana and cacao nibs. So good it will become a daily ritual.

If it’s Saturday then Elle likes to make her way to Bondi Markets for a bunch of fresh flowers. “It’s always roses” is her motto; so much so, that the Elle Effect is even scented with the romantic red rose so symbolic to her.

Around midday it’s time to hire a bike and ride into Paddington for a visit to Baby Anything; the most amazing handmade jewellery made by Elle’s sister; Lucie. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from precious metals and made with a whole lot of love. Just take one look at Elle’s hands or décolletage and she is adorned in the exquisite jewels that sparkle in the sunshine.

Mid afternoon calls for more food, and Elle’s favourite pastime is a cheeky cheeseboard from Porch and Parlour featuring up to 3 cheeses, pickles and sourdough. Just enough to tide you over until dinner time. The ocean calls again and its time for a dip as the light starts to fade on her beloved Bondi beach.

Then it’s time for a wardrobe change into Elle’s favourite piece at the moment (The Billabong x Elle Kim dress) and then it’s time to head to North Bondi Fish – literally Elle’s second home, for the fish tacos, butter lettuce salad and fries. It’s the absolute ultimate and a very happy way to end a perfect day at home. There’s always time for a moonlight stroll along the promenade before making her way home to her stylish apartment and cute pooch; Sadie. Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

A day in the life of Elle Ferguson


Whatever you wear, find your favourite Elle x Billabong piece.