• Welcome to the team Jesse Noonan. AKA: “Red”!


(Above) This trick, ollie up to nosestall, tuck-knee over into the bank, takes way too long to say so from now on I'm going to call it Notorious T-R-I-C-K.

Hi Jesse! Let's get this out of the way, where did the name Notorious R.E.D. come from, besides obviously that you're a ranger?

Well Rome, one rainy day a while back I was bored out of my brain so I decided I would make a rap song. I showed the song to some homies at school and they blessed me with the name Notorious R.E.D. I'm psyched!

It's one of the best names in the history of names, for sure! What about growing up, did you ever cop any shit for being a fire crutch?

Nah, I've never really copped any shit for being a flameball, I guess everyone's my homie. I would hope so, because I'm theirs.

You sure are. The first many saw of you was the now world-famous barefoot ollie down the Varsity double-set. Did you plan on doing that or was it spur of the moment shit?

I just didn't really give a fuck, you only live once, huh? I'm glad now.


(Above) Ollie to double footplant at the most amazing high school in the history of school, Nerang high!

Do you ever think that since that fateful day things have gone really well for you? As in doing that helped you get a bit of a jump-start?

I guess it kinda did, people I don't know always come up to me and ask me if I'm that guy, I'm psyched.

It was a pretty rad intro to the world! One thing about you, my favourite thing, is your amazingly positive attitude. If someone hates on a skater, instead of joining in on the hate you prefer to say things like: "At least he's trying." Where did this great attitude come from, friend?

I dunno Rome, life is way to short to be negative. There aint time to be a hater. (Click to enlarge) This frontside feeble is pretty cool, but what the hell does that machine next to him do?

Amen! What's your favourite thing to skate? You seem to be able to rip at most spots, no worries.

Thanks mate, I really love to skate Pizzey bowl in case you haven't noticed. It's been so fun lately shredding the old girl with Fardell. It's really hard for me not to skate her every day, I get all anxious if I know it ain't gonna happen. I really want to get a "Pizzey Bowl Love" tat.

You should for sure, but the actual bowl tattooed like a long-lens view! Let's backtrack now, where did you learn how to skate and when?

I learnt to skate in my old street, we had a sweet skate gang. We would set up all sorts of weird dangerous jumps with nails sticking out. I would have been in year 6 or 7.

What a time it must have been! Who's your favourite skaters? From watching you skate I'd say someone like P-Rod? Peter Smolik maybe?

My favourite skater would definately be Fred Garland, he's a legend. I love skating with Fred, he can rip the fuck out of anything.


(Above) Red's backside 50-50 reminds me of an old saying from high school: "Bums to the wall, Jesse's on the crawl." Haha, but it used to be Rome, and it used to make me cry.

I agree, Fred's rad! You're only a young buck at the ripe young age of 18, how have you enjoyed finally being legal?

Yeah it's awesome, I love going to the pub with the team and especially you Rome, you bring light in to my red life.

Aww stop it, don't make me blush! So what's the plan from here? Couch surf? Save for the States? What's the future of Jesse?

I'm on a trip at the moment so I'm gonna have a bunch of fun, and I'm trying to save to go the States with Fred and the brat pack, but I don't care, I'd be happy to shred Pizzey bowl every day for the rest of my life.

Pure skate rat! Ok, I'm done asking questions, you wanna shout out to your peeps?

Thanks Mum, Rome, James Hall, Jackson, Fred, Changa, Jimmy, everyone at Slam, Julian, the 7, and everyone else I forgot, I love you all.

(James Hall emailed me and said that Jesse also would like to thank Pizzey bowl, Switzerland Opera, Lesbian Slut Croc, baboon-ass chimp, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scorpion Island, Redtube, Blood Wizard, Amalia, Tanya, Bone Thugs, Mila Kunis, Dragonball-Z and crying).


(Above) A firey backside flip and thread the needle. Did you guys get the firey joke? 'Cause he has red hair? Yeah, you got it!