• West Oz done and dusted

Well you can get the old "done" stamp out on west oz...with 3 weeks of waves and blistering offshores west oz hasn't let me down,our love affair still remains, however as much as i love it down there,i wont lie with each day getting colder and colder, and the roo's getting keener and keener to become part of the windscreen, it was time to head to warmer climates, the wetty's have copped a backseat and i've found myself up in Sumatra....other than bird flue and ¬ ¨'šÃ„' constant ¬ ¨'šÃ„' suicidal drivers on the roads here, this place is a paradise....

Its been nothing but fun waves, coconut oil and redtube....

So stay tunned and ill drop a bunch of pics from the trip in the coming days.


Getting deepmarshmellowsupersoff the lipspray
In Sumatra and will get some new shit to ya soon!sumatra