• What I've been up to

it has been quite sometime since i last updated my blog and from memory i was trying to give away two pairs of fins and nobody claimed them and i know everyone love ´s a bargain and it bargains don't get better then this so go ahead and leave a comment explaining to me why no one or yourself didn't claim them.

anyway i have been on the move quite alot of late with a trip to tahiti which could quite possibly be the best trip i have had in about 4 years with the waves ranging from 3ft to 15ft on the biggest sets with the cleanest most picture perfect barrels i have ever seen and ridden,all the boys where their ben player, alex leon,hubb,eddie solomon,even laird hamilton was their just incase the wave's got huge so he could show us all how it is done and i wish deep down that it did get huge so maybe i could have a crack at getting towed into one of those bombs i would love to know how it feels in one of those giant barrels one day it will happen i know that but i will have to wait for now.

after tahiti i went striaght into filming the new movie that i have been working on which took me up and down and all around australia, damm australia is huge i clocked up 60,000km in 2 months that is crazy i need a bloody petrol sponsor so bp or caltex if your reading this by any chance swing a fuel card my way i swear i would'nt go overboard with it by hooking up all my mates... anyway where was i yeah the film i want you all to know that it is coming along great and i cant wait to show you guys what it is all about but that is all i can give you right now.

Mitch Rawlins getting barreled in Tahiti - photo 1
Mitch Rawlins getting barreled in Tahiti - photo 2
Mitch Rawlins getting barreled in Tahiti - photo 3

so now i am on a flight to indonesia for a boat trip with tracks surfing magazine sound's strange hey a bodyboarder going on a trip with surfers for a surfing magazine i was blown away that they would want me to come along and at first i didn't beleive it so i just went with it and enede up being a really great trip with a bunch of really talented and respectful surfers i got to surf with 2x world champion tom carrol and listen to all his storys of his travels of the manys years of being a professional surfer and let me tell you the guy has no shortage of storys to tell and some would just knock your shoes of others you would be on the ground in stitches the guy is a classic.mark mathews was on the trip along with jay davies,dean brady,shuan cansdell,perth standlick,

so with the tracks trip all finished i headed to perth for one full day and as i say their is no rest for the wicked and as soon as i got of the flight i jumped in my car then straight onto a ski for a 30km ski ride out to rottnest for a photo shoot for phill gallagher ´s new mag LE BOOGIE the waves where really fun with some nice barrels and big ramps which would end up being my downfall as i ended up hurting myself and putting me out for the chile contest which was devestating for me as i had a good result in hawaii and a good result in chile would put me in great contention to be a front runner for the world title race but it wasn ´t to be.mike stewart went on to win the event.

now i am currently in portugal for the european leg of the world tour picking up the peices and aiming to gain as many ratings points as possible.

i will keep you updated with some with all the happening ´s on the euro leg of the tour.

enjoy the ocean