• Some Wetsuit Tips from Creed Mctaggart

Stab Magazine "Hey Cup Fruit" presents the best wetsuits in the world lovingly photographed, worn by some of your favourite surfers and garnished with fruit. And, accompanied by every tip you might need to ensure your new rubber lives a long and happy life, as told by those who really know. Now, just choose your flavour…

Here is Creed McTaggart's tip : “Try not to piss in it. I know it sounds hard, but try. Because if you do, then you’re going to stink it out hard. It’ll stink out your car too, and create a big stench that you can’t get rid of. I always used to piss my wetties, ever since I was a grom, but then I learned pretty quick. If you do have to go, then open the neck up a bit when you duck dive and flush it out.”

Creed wears 3/2 Furnace Pro

Photos: Matt Smith

(All grapefruits were juiced and enjoyed! Stab don’t waste!)