• What we’re watching on Netflix!

What we’re watching on Netflix!

Get your cosy on, cause it’s starting to cool down. And that means more time under the doona with Netflix streaming and a cup of tea steaming. Cuddle up in some of our favourite feel good fleece and watch something from our hit list below!

Sleepless in Seattle – Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a real classic rom com – if you haven’t seen this then consider it on your weekend To Do List. An oldie, but such a goodie.

Moana – Because Disney can do no wrong when it comes to fairy and folk tales. Especially when it is about an island girl who braves the wild ocean to save her people and in doing so, finds her own identity. Girl power!

Love Actually – This is a popular one at Christmas time, but it’s a true feel good flick at any time of the year. 9 intertwined stories showcase the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all; love. A movie that will never get old

Safe Haven – Another romantic chick flick with some definite eye candy in the form of Josh Duhamel. An easy watch with a little drama but overall will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Dream Girls – Starring all the talented peeps, Dream Girls is about a 1960s girl group who soon realise the high cost of fame. Anything with Beyonce in it is on our radar.

For something a little more serious then the below documentaries will have you feeling all kinds of intrigued and inspired.

Given – If you have ever thought about quitting your corporate job to travel the world, then this might just give you enough inspo to do it. A surfing adventure gives a young boy from Hawaii the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of life. We LOVED it.

Expedition Happiness – A film maker and his musician girlfriend buy an old American schoolbus, renovate it and travel across North America on an epic roadtrip with their dog. An honest depiction of life on the road.

Resurface – An emotional and heartfelt watch. The story of a suicidal war veteran who finds like-minded souls in a surf therapy program that helps traumatized soldiers heal while riding the waves.

Fish People – The stories of people who have dedicated their lives to the sea from surfers and spearfishers to long distance swimmers – it’s enough to make you want to go for a wave!

Chasing Coral – A documentary campaigning for the disappearance of coral reefs around the world due to climate change. An interesting yet confronting watch if you love the ocean!

Minimalism – An inspiring watch that demonstrates the virtues of less is more and helps you to think about what are the most important things in your life. Probably not posessions!


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