Creed McTaggart , filmmaker Toby Cregan and the guys from Waves Magazine are currently working on the “Yeah Dude” project. A film showing the world through Creed McTaggart’s eye balls as his travels across the coast of California during the American summer. raw, uncut and no frills attached.

Waves Magazine sat down with Creed and Toby so they could explain their creative efforts half way through the filming process and this is what they had to say.

What is ‘Yeah Dude’?

Creed: It’s two words that American’s say and it’s like an Australian…

Toby: It’s like an Australian ‘F**k Yeah’.

Creed: Yeah it is, Americans say it in every sentence.

But what’s ‘Yeah Dude’ the movie about?

Toby: No, it’s going to show what’s actually going on when we travel.

Creed: It’s going to be a movie about living in America. It’s about living good and bad, living high and low, living drunk and sober and surfing of course.

Toby: Is that ok is that a good enough answer?

Yeah that’s a good answer but what’s going to set it apart from other surf flicks?

Toby: Well basically no ones really made a surf movie like this.

Creed: It’s just a road trip through California and we’re surfing and hanging out, meeting new people and it’s a real experience on the highway to hell. It’s going to be fun but it’s not going to be the standard surf porn. There are a lot of personalities and there’s a lot of heart and soul going into it. It’s fluro, it’s in your face and it’s dirty and I think people are going to enjoy it because it’s something they’ve never seen before.

Toby: The one thing I’m sure is going to come out of it is it’s going to be really entertaining. Even if you’re not frothing on Creed’s air reverses and shitty surfing (Creed laughs) I’m going to make a really good video.

Creed: We didn’t come over here to try and make the best surf film that’s ever been made. We came over here to have the best time and we’re not even thinking about the film it’s just happening because it’s about more than just surfing.

Toby: It’s a totally different feeling working on this project, nothing like what normally happens when you’re making a surf video.

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