• Yoga Sessions with Pacha

Yoga Sessions with Pacha

Remembering to flow...

On the first day of the year 2018, I’m resetting my intention to stay connected, grounded, stay grateful and stay true to who I am. To have fresh new perspectives about the environment around me, to truly immerse in the beauty of our home. To absorb the energy from the sunrise and tap into the rhythm of the sea. Slowing down with an in breath...Hold...Out breath. Om...then plunge into the ocean!

I am so lucky to have the expert guidance of Suzanne, yogi, founder of yogababy and my mum’s best friend.She came all the way to Ecuador to help my Mum bring me into the world - at home in the mountains of Ecuador. - teaching her yoga techniques to stay peaceful and relaxed.

Suzanne has been one of the consistent, powerful, wise women in my life - and a few days ago helped me get back into the yoga flow at dawn at one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Currumbin. I look forward to learning more yoga to help swing the pendulum from crazy busy to calm and centred in the big year ahead. Yoga is one of those beautiful things that’s anyone can do anywhere and anytime - but nothing beats a sunrise salute to the Sun!...Thank you Suzanne!