• Courtney in Ireland

Everyone asks, why did you go to Ireland? A simple why not could be my answer but there was so much more.

I’ve been surfing for 18 years; surfing for me began as a place for discovery and adventure. Sports and athletics has always been a time to challenge and develop myself, soul search, compete, travel, and to enjoy family and friends.

Before embarking on a surf trip I wanted the destination to be one that was unique for me. I wanted a location that wasn’t on the competition schedule, a place that was rugged, raw, and powerful. I wanted to test myself with the elements and venture out onto a new coastline. After my time out of the water, because of my injury, I had a lot of time to reflect, dream, and think. Sometimes when you are so focused on your dreams or what you are trying to accomplish as an athlete you can get stuck in routines and your “someday” or bucket list items get put on the back burner. They can be filtered out of your process. As I did my physical therapy I brought back my bucket list and my “somedays” to make one of them a reality.

I’ve always wanted to explore Ireland and the wild Atlantic Ocean could give me what I was searching for. It’s raw beauty and power is what attracted me and it was calling me.