• TRAVEL DIARIES: Mexico with Isabella Nichols

My Time in Mexico!

By Isabella Nichols

Favorite Waves

This trip we were lucky enough to have swell for a whole week in the build up to the cat. 3 hurricane that hit, it was to big for the contest bank so we took a trip to a place called Shipwrecks which is a reading right hand point break (many of those in mex), and it was incredible. Located on the inside of the peninsular and super secluded/crowded, it was pretty much in the middle of the desert! The contest bank was a right hand rocky point break called Zippers, and just up North a tad was a break similar called ‘The Rock’ which was a lot more defined and also a really fun wave to free surf during the contest.

The Food

Mexican food is my absolute favourite, guac & chips with every meal, tacos for daysss and you can’t go past the local tequila...

Coming here for the past few years, you tend to find the little nooks and crannies that serve quality food. At the top of the list are ‘La Guacamayas’ which is a local joint with extremely tasty and cheap tacos, and ‘La Lupita’ which is a little fancier and also to die for.

The People and Culture

The Mexican local are very passionate people, super friendly and very cultural. Cabo is a very Americanised version of Mexico, a lot of Americans holiday/live in Cabo and there tends to be more Americans then locals there!

Where I stayed

I stayed in the Town of Los Cabo, in a complex called Las Olas which is about 200m away from Zippers Beach. Las Olas has a huge pool that overlooks ‘The Rock’ surf break. The town is a mix of old and new, the old cabo town is a blend of the streets of bali with the bartering and the souvenirs, whereas the new cabo is more Americanised and modern!