• The North Shore Journal- A Few Highlights and Insights

The North Shore Journal- A Few Highlights and Insights

Seth Moniz mid rotation Photos: Pat Stacy

Even when the waves are small on the North Shore it's 10 times better than almost anywhere else on earth. After a hit or miss Pipe swell came through on Sunday that saw a few locals bagging gems and the Sunset comp running in 20 ft plus surf, the reefs in front of and near the Billabong house started to turn on a little with plenty of solid sessions going down from Off the Wall to Rocky Point.

Josh Moniz spins one out front.

The usual suspects were putting on a show out there with Seth and Josh Moniz going huge on a few as well as younger Bloodlines team members like Eithan Osborne and Finn McGill.

Seth, again, going large.

The house has been full of entertainment, whether it's watching the comp at Sunset on the big screen and cheering on the team out in front of the house; watching intense episodes of Gotham; or hooting and rousting each other during ping pong games. Every team rider brings their own personality to the house, and at the end of the day it's a family of amazing surfers that really mesh well, respect and treat each other like great friends.

Griffin Colapinto jamming his fins through one.

Check back for more from The North Shore Journal as things are starting to get quite interesting at Sunset and swell is continuing to pour through.