If a picture is worth a thousand words then Felicity Palmateer has a lot to say. Some artists work at their art; others simply live in it. Integrating every piece of her experience into a holistic lifestyle: her healthy eating, balanced mental and physical activity and a lifelong bond with father and family, has produced a body of work interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Perth, Western Australia - Now living in Burleigh Heads on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Billabong, Channel Islands, Future Fins, The Surfboard Room

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    • Felicity Palmateer is a beach bohemian, travelling the world, surfing and creating. Living a nomadic lifestyle with an endless summer. Continually inspired by the ocean, she injects its colours and movement into her fluid and dreamlike pieces. We teamed up to create the ultimate beach accessories collection.

    • Felicity Palmateer


    Twitter @flickpalmateer