The North Shore of Oahu
    Date of Birth
    Billabong, Electric, T&C Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, Futures Fins, Banzai Bowls, Bubblegum Surfwax, The Young and Brave Foundation
    Major accomplishments
    2 x NSSA Open Boys National Champ NSSA Explorer Super Grom National Champ Stenham Spider Cup - 1st Bowl division (advanced) for skating
    Coolest place you've ever been
    The bathroom
    When not surfing, I'm
    Skating, Snowboarding, Soccer
    Best advice I've received
    ‘One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory’ from the movie ‘Unbroken’ about Louie Zmperini.
    Favorite maneuver
    Quasimodo stance
    Who do you look up to?
    Bill Murray, Katy Perry and my parents because they are amazing.
    In 10 years I hope to be...
    On the CT, for sure. Live in a nice house with plenty of room for all of my friends, have great hair, and a state of the art bathroom with a putting green.