Laura Enever is the epitome of a surfer girl. She is competing in her 3rd year on the ASP World Tour and regularly dons the cutest outfits of any girl on tour. She is as talented in the water as she is at putting together the perfect going out ensemble. When asked to describe her style in 3 words, she easily answers: bold, edgy and fun.

She travels the world competing but nothing beats coming home to North Narrabeen, Australia to spend some quality time with the family. When on the road, she has a tight group of girls that she travels with. They have mini... Read More




    North Narrabeen Sydney Australia
    Favorite spot
    North Narrabeen
    Astrological sign
    Never leave home without
    coffee ;) and phone
    Favorite food
    well coffee isn't food, so Tacos!
    Coolest place you've ever been
    New York City and Iceland.
    Perfect day
    Any day that starts with coffee is a perfect day ;)
    Secret talent is
    Smoothie making!
    Worst habit is
    Talking too fast...
    Guilty pleasure
    Chocolate everything!
    Songs on repeat right now
    Pure Shores - All Saints
    Favorite movies
    Anything with Leonardo Dicaprio in it.
    Best advice I've received
    Don't sing in public.
    When not surfing, I'm
    Cutting up my clothes, searching for jacuzzis, en-route to a taco feast, long fast walks up steep big hills, butt squeezes, cheese and wine with my ladies, multitasking between emails and instagram, discovering the "ultimate smoothie", being my silly serious self.
    Favorite season
    Summer for surfing, winter for dressing.
    Go-to outfit
    All things edgy ... everything surf capsule!
    Cat lady or dog lover
    I have both!
    Favorite book
    Facebook haha
    Strong, independent, fearless Women
    Beauty regimen includes
    My beauty regimen includes: brush, floss, cleanse, tone, moisturize... I'm a beauty product feeend! Rose hip oil!!

    Twitter @lauraenever