Fast whips, wild blow tails and free flowing tube rides - these are three of Reef Heazlewood’s signature moves. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, he finished runner up in the U/18 World ISA Champs in 2015, won the Surfing Australia Rising Star award in 2017 and has been turning heads on the QS ever since.

Reef might have a goofy smile to match his goofy stance, but his surfing is nothing but grace and power. Put Reef on your radar by following him on Instagram here.



    • video by David Heazlewood



    Goofy's rule!!!
    Billabong, Kustom, VonZiper, shapers, palmers
    Favorite spot
    Happy Valley Bar
    Perfect day
    pumping waves, few friends, Dad and Sister, sun shining and boards
    Major accomplishments
    Winning Occy Grom Comp, Winning Pa Bendall, Winning U16 Aust School Boys Tittle 2012
    Coolest place you've ever been
    On the balcony at the Billabong house in Hawaii hooting JOB going switch foot and John John getting deep barrels yeww
    Favorite food
    Chicken and baconpastry parcels
    Never leave home without
    my self
    Living person you most admire
    Date of birth
    When I was little I wanted to be
    Doctor, helping people
    Perfect happiness
    Some friends laughing in the water and just having fun
    When not surfing, I'm
    Eating and stirring my sister
    Years surfing
    Word or phrase you overuse
    If I were an animal, I would be
    Most treasured possession
    Guilty pleasure
    Belgian chocolate ice cream
    My motto is
    precious few where born with it, even fewer knoe how to use it.
    Secret obsession
    Could live anywhere, where?
    Favorite book
    Ranger's Apprentice
    My secret talent is
    Water pistols with hands
    Value most in life
    Living for God
    Greatest achievement
    Surfing G-land when I was 8
    Songs on repeat right now
    Boom, Butter, champion, the chronomancer
    Career highlights
    Occy win and Ma Pa Bendall win
    Favorite board at the moment
    5'00 x 16x2 by Jamie Byrne
    Favorite way to pass time on long flights
    Watch movies, play iphone games and read
    First thing you pack for a trip
    life's better in boardhorts, so the boardies
    Greatest extravagance
    having 3 steamers, and always having a dry wetty
    Favorite band(s)
    P.O>D (Payable on Death)
    Best night out outfit
    Sandy coloured Billabong Jeans, button up-Billabong shirt, black leather jacket, black-kustom shorts
    Come back in as your next life
    Not coming back
    Favorite apps
    Minion Rush
    Favorite TV shows
    Hamish and Andy's Gap Year
    Best advice ever been given
    stay low and go go go
    Worst habit is
    Stinky Farts
    Who/What inspires you?
    Jesus, Family, Parko